Services of the Remote Viewing College in the USA

The Remote Viewing College (R.V.C.) has clearly positioned itself on the market with comprehensive know-how, extensive services for Remote Viewer and online-course-competence in Remote Viewing.

To solve these tasks, the Remote Viewing College uses a comprehensive portfolio of services for Remote Viewer. This includes praxis-proven instruments and methods, extensive teaching material and professional coaching for Remote Viewing students. Our customized online-course-programs are designed to give you long-term benefits with Remote Viewing.



Overview of all Services of the Remote Viewing College:


Remote Viewing is measurable. With our Web-BackOffice you are now able to measure your performance as a Remote Viewer.

Online Courses

Find the Online Course that's right for you to learn Remote Viewing from home in order to become a certified Remote Viewer.

Handbook / Textbook

The „Working Manual of the Information-Research-Technique – From Practice for Practice“.

Teaching Videos

With the teaching videos for Remote Viewing you get a complete and detailed overview of all stages and for all methods.



We have gathered and compared the experiences of many Remote Viewers to develop a unique pen.


Take our test to evaluate your performance and see if you are ready to use your special talents/skills in projects.